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hands-on workshops

10AM-6PM $299
Extend your education by spending Sunday with a small group of fellow enthusiasts and Canon pros in a dynamic, hands-on workshop. This is a great opportunity to practice your new skills, work with live models, and try out professional Canon equipment. In just one weekend, you’ll come away with a new level of technical knowledge and creative capability.



Whether you’re a parent documenting the growth of your family, a business owner who wants to tell your own story better, or a budding filmmaker looking to get a bit more serious about video, this class will make it possible to tell your story like never before. Join Amina Moreau, co-founder of the team, and transform your videos into compelling stories.

In this class you’ll gain informative insights and learn powerful techniques to create effective short films and videos. Through interactive conversations, explanations of your camera’s features, live demos, and enlightening exercises, you’ll come away with powerful tools to create visually stunning and engaging videos and elevating your confidence
as a storyteller.

You Will Learn:

  • Work better with natural light
  • Simplify the process of audio capture
  • Harness the power of camera movement
  • Understand the how’s and why’s of shot sequencing
  • Identify what makes a great story and how to bring it to life!
  • Make the most of your cameras and lenses in a story-relevant way
  • How to use the EOS 70D's breakthrough autofocus capabilities for great looking video

Important Information About the Class:

Participants should be very comfortable with their Canon EOS equipment, as Amina will be teaching at an advanced amateur level. Please bring your favorite camera and lens, tripod or video monopod, plenty of memory cards and charged batteries. Most importantly, bring an open mind and energy to learn and grow. A pro rep will be on hand to answer questions and assist with technical issues. Canon professional gear will also be available for loan. Please note lunch is not provided, but there will be lunch facilities on-site or nearby.



Light is key to photography. However, it’s often unpredictable, uncontrollable, or limited. In this invaluable workshop, award-winning photographers Jack Reznicki and Jim DiVitale will demonstrate how to use Canon Speedlites to create and control the perfect light for a variety of situations, including portraits and still-life.

You will learn how to use basic flash and multi-flash creative methods to bring your photographs to vibrant life. With three professional models and a variety of sets, this workshop is the perfect place to hone your lighting skills. You’ll leave with gorgeous images and a firm understanding of the Speedlite system.

You Will Learn:

  • Core concepts of flash photography
  • The E-TTL Wireless System, and more
  • Essential lighting and flash exposure control
  • Creative lighting techniques and alternatives
  • Features and functions of the EOS Speedlite System
  • The Speedlite 600EX-RT Radio-based Wireless System

Important Information About the Class:

The fee for this day-long workshop includes gear loans, model fees, and specialized equipment. Participants should be very comfortable with their Canon EOS equipment, as the instructor will be teaching at an advanced amateur level. However, professional technical representatives will be on hand in the event you need assistance. Please bring your favorite camera, plenty of memory cards, charged batteries, and a laptop for downloading images.
Please note lunch is not provided, but there will be lunch facilities on-site or nearby
Canon Technical Representatives will be on-hand to demonstrate equipment and answer questions on Canon products, including printers. 

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