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imaging essentials
10AM-6PM $99

Build your skills and unleash your creativity

The Saturday Imaging Essentials Seminar is a fast-paced, entertaining program that will teach you techniques from image capture to output. Spend the day developing new skills and finding new inspiration, and build a solid foundation in the creative process of digital photography. You’ll be taught by the experts and experience photography education in a dynamic atmosphere that will teach you how to create images with impact.

You Will Learn:

  • Choose the best lens for the any situation
  • Take full advantage of your camera’s features
  • Adjust menu settings for maximum picture quality
  • Explore the possibilities and techniques of HD Video
  • Shoot portraits, still-life, landscapes, and more with confidence
  • Understand exposure and light, both natural and with Speedlites
  • Take clear, sharp videos with ease with the latest autofocus technology

Saturday Seminar Features

The EOS is loaded with features and capabilities
During this program, you will expand your creative options by thoroughly understanding the core principles of photography, including color, white balance, light, lenses, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and composition. You will also learn how to get your camera to adapt to your needs by exploring the full range of camera settings and controls.
Find the perfect light
Photography all starts with light, so learning to see and understand light it the best way to increase your photographic artistry. You’ll learn about available light and how to differentiate between quantity and quality of light and how to modify light to create stunning photographs. You’ll also add a new dimension to your skills by learning to work with and add artificial light using continuous lights or strobes
Storytelling simplified
You will learn how to add a new dynamic quality to your images by understanding the essentials of flash photography and how to use Speedlites in a variety of lighting scenarios. In addition, you will discover the limitless and exciting possibilities of incorporating HD Video into your image-making process.

all imaging essentials SEMINAR attendees receive:

Tote Bag
Tote bag
Canon Digital Learning Center Lens Cloth
Canon Digital Learning Center Lens Cloth
Canon Live Learning Pen
Canon Live Learning Pen
CF Card Wallet
CF Card Wallet
Canon Notebook
Canon Notebook
Canon Live Learning Brochure
Canon Live Learning Brochure
70 Page Reference Packet
70 Page Reference Packet
Cameras are not required at this lecture. However, you may find it helpful to bring yours to follow along with menu and custom function discussions. Though much of the content is applicable to all Canon cameras, the majority of examples are from the latest models, such as the 70D and 5D Mark III. The lecture is supported by on-stage demonstrations and plenty of time is allotted for Q&A.
Please note lunch is not provided, but there will be lunch facilities on-site or nearby
Canon Technical Representatives will be on-hand to demonstrate equipment and answer questions on Canon products. 

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